Adopt a Night

An Invitation to “Adopt” a Lander LIVE Concert

The Lander Chamber of Commerce organizes this concert series and has one dedicated staff person.  However it takes approximately 40 volunteers each night to ensure that the event goes smoothly – from setting up, to sales of beverages (which raises money to fund the event), from staffing welcome tables, to clean up, and take-down tasks at the end of the production.  That equates to 140 volunteer-hours per show!   Without these volunteers, the shows can’t go on!

These shows are very visible and are becoming a showcase of our community.  We would like to partner with your company, business, non-profit or service organization… which we believe would be a huge win-win situation.  Partner with Lander LIVE and get noted in front of 1,500+ people!  Pick a show – any show that suites your liking.  The show will be yours for the night!  You’ll be highlighted in our program, which could include information about the service your group provides, its values, how to get involved and more or recognition for your members.  Your group will get announced from stage and recognized to the crowd.

In return, we ask that your group provides volunteers for the show to help cover a portion of the total  volunteer hours needed.  Your group can volunteer in any combination of number of individual volunteers and hours worked per volunteer.  We ask that all combined, your group covers 50 volunteer-hours.   This would help make a huge dent in the total 140 volunteer-hours required to put together each show. 

Sign up would be easy: it’ll be online and everyone volunteering for your group could pick their own “shifts;”  or the group can sign up as an entity and claim spots together.  We’ll send updates as needed with volunteer-hours calculated.